Tuesday, August 8, 2017


An Elliptical Contest: Round Eight (Closed)

August is Romance Awareness Month.

Name the celebrity couples who are / were romantically involved with each other.

Three points for the winner.

1.  Her:  Uptown Girl
     Him:  Piano Man

2.  Her:  Outspoken swimsuit model.
     Him:  Musician with an arrogant name.

3.  Her:  Australian actress who's been French, American, and Irish in films.
     Him:  A couch-jumping Scientologist.

4.  Her:   Star of Rosemary's Baby.
     Him:  One of the best directors of all-time.

5.  Her:  Frequent Playboy model.
     Him:  Motley Crue drummer.

6.  Her:  Victoria's Secret and SI Swimsuit model.
     Him:  Guns N' Roses lead vocalist.

7.  Her:  Lori Singer's bff in Footloose.
     Him:  Ferris Bueller

8.  Her:  Depression-era bank robber portrayed by Faye Dunaway.
     Him:  Depression-era bank robber portrayed by Warren Beatty.

9.  Her:  Posed pregnant and naked on a Vanity Fair cover.
     Him:  Moonlighted, died hard.

10.  Her:  Blonde talk show hostess.
       Her:  Blonde actress.

11.  Her:  Also was involved with Arthur Miller and JFK.
       Him:  Yankees center fielder.

12.  Her:  Star of legendary Pepsi commercial.
       Him:  Allegedly did nasty things with gerbils. 

13.  Her:  British / Lebanese human rights lawyer.
       Him:  Actor famous for dating younger women. 

14.  Her:  Spice Girl.
       Him:  English soccer star. 

15.  Her:  Brazilian super-model.
       Him:  Super Bowl winning quarterback.

16.  Her:  Sexy and controversial comedienne.
       Him:  Late-night talk show host.

17.  Her:  Playwright and controversial memoirist.

       Him:  Blacklisted and imprisoned mystery novelist. 

18.  Him:  Saw the best minds of his generation destroyed by madness...
       Him:  Authored a poetry collection; should have stuck to farming.

19.  Her:  Best-selling female musician of all-time.
       Him:  Two-time Best Actor Oscar winner. 

20.  Her:  Crazy Japanese "artist".
       Him:  A Beatle.

Deadline:  August 15

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Clearly, I need to stop scheduling posts before they're finished. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Elliptical Contest Standings Update

Through seven rounds:

Ericka - 11
Tex - 5
Birgit - 2
Nikki Haley - 0

There are five rounds remaining, with three points per round.  So the U.S. Ambassador to the UN still has a chance, as does anybody else who hasn't scored yet.  

Saturday, July 1, 2017

An Elliptical Contest: Round Seven

For this round, I want your Mt. Rushmores. But instead of dead presidents, please pick four Americans who were not President. Living or dead is acceptable.  Please include a brief explanation of why you chose each person.

Three points for a valid entry.

Deadline: July 8

Monday, June 5, 2017

The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic: A Review

She's a talented writer.  But the problems start with the title itself.  As Hopper admits, it's not even true.  The highest profile piece in the collection seems to be Hopper piggy-backing on the work of a man.  Two of the back cover blurbs are from subjects of her articles.  She was employed by another.  She also worked for Pitchfork, which presents more ethical problems (see: R. Kelly).  She seems more interested in making bank off feminist credentials than actually earning those credentials.  Perhaps the saddest part is that she has enough skill as a writer to make it on her merits.  

"It's a song of failure.  It's realizing that sometimes the best you've got to give isn't much of anything at all."  (re: Van Morrison's "T.B. Sheets")
- "I Have a Strange Relationship with Music"

"I want it. I need it. Because all these records, they give me a language to decipher just how fucked I am. Because there is a void in my guts which can only be filled by songs."
- "I Have a Strange Relationship with Music"

"Emo's yearning doesn't connect it with women - it omits them."
- "Emo: Where the Girls Aren't"

"I've never seen a woman so naturally give less of a fuck."  (re: Anya Davidson, of Coughs)
- "Viva La Filthy Noise! Coughs' Secret Passage"

"A lot of art, great art, is made by despicable people." - Jim DeRogatis
- "Conversation with Jim DeRogatis Regarding R. Kelly"

"So we're not talking about rock star misbehavior, which men or women can do.  We're talking about predatory behavior.  Their lives were ruined." - DeRogatis
- "Conversation with Jim DeRogatis Regarding R. Kelly"

"She's playing it like a rebel, but she's simply being who we've goaded her to be."
- "Miley Cyrus / Bangerz"

Thursday, June 1, 2017

An Elliptical Contest: Round Six

June is GBT Pride Month.

In a strange coincidence, round six is all about famous peeps of the g, b, or t persuasion.

Identify the people in the pics. First with a perfect score earns three points. If no perfect score, the first entrant with the most right gets the points.

Deadline: June 15














14 and 15